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Prepare a chart giving detailed information at the carbon compound every day wise.

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint: As we already know, carbon is the very essential compound on the earth. These are very much required in the continuity of the life process. These are the building blocks of life on the earth. Here we are going to see the chart table that gives the detailed information on the usage of carbon compounds in everyday use. Through some of the information, it could be analyzed.

Complete answer:
Carbon is the chemical compound as well as the organic compound. This plays an important role in the process of photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is the form of carbon which is the essential element that is present both in air and water. These are more sustainable of life on the earth. The following is the table chart that gives the information at the carbon compound based on the everyday wise. They are as follows:

S.NoCommon name of the chemicalsIUPAC name and molecular formulaeUses
1SugarSucroseUsed in the cooking as the sweetener.
2MouthwashHydrogen peroxideUsed for personal hygiene.
3AspirinAcetyl salicylic acidUsed in various kinds of medicines.
4Caustic sodaSodium hydroxideUsed for cleaning the drains, sinks in toilets.
5ChalkCalcium carbonateUsed to write on a blackboard, sometimes used in the toothpaste.
6Moth balls1,4-dichlorobenzeneUsed for the pleasant smell in the bathrooms and this has a strong pungent smell.
7AlcoholEthanolUsed in alcoholic drinks.
8Baking powderSodium bicarbonateUsed for baking in cooking.
9SoapEstersUsed for washing vessels, clothes and bathing.
10SaltSodium chlorideUsed as seasoning in cooking.
11DetergentSodium hydroxide, Sodium sulphate and some phosphate compoundsUsed for washing clothes.
12ToothpasteSodium fluoride and Calcium carbonateUsed for cleaning the teeth.
13GraphiteCarbonUsed in the pencil we write.
14VinegarAcetic acid, Ethanoic acidUsed as the preservative and also as the seasoning in cooking.
15Bleaching powderNaOClUsed for cleaning.

These are some of the chemicals that contain carbon compounds and are used everyday by the humans.
Carbon is the most crucial compound in our world. These are very much important for all living systems. These are available in the form of hydrocarbons. These have multiple uses because they are very much strong, light in weight and it is the durable material. These are some importance of the carbon compound.