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Polycot is obtained by mixing:
(A)- Nylon and wool
(B)- Polyester and wool
(C)- Nylon and cotton
(D)- Polyester and cotton

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint:. Polycot is a kind of fiber that is highly used in textile industries and those two fibers which mixed with each other for the formation of polycot is suggested by the name polycot.

Complete step by step answer:
- From the name of the polycot it is clear that it is obtained by the mixing of two fibres which are polyester and cotton.
i.e. Polyester + Cotton = Polycot
- Where, polyester is a synthetic fiber and cotton is a natural fiber.
- Polyester fiber and cotton fiber mixed with each other by following the mechanism of condensation in the chemical reaction in which removal of any molecule occurs and formation of product i.e. polycot takes place.
So, the correct answer is “Option D”.

Additional information: Polycot comes under the category of polymer and its uses are as follow:
-Polycot is used in textile industries for making clothes and the interesting thing about this is that it is available at a cheap price in the market.

Note: Here some of you may get confused in option (B) and option (D) because in both options polyester is present. But if you choose option (B) then that will be wrong because on mixing polyester with wool we get polywool not polycot.