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How is pollination brought about in maize?
A. By insects
B. By bats
C. By wind
D. By water

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: The stamens of the maize flower mostly produce light, fluffy pollen grains which mostly are transferred through the wind to the fairly female flowers of every other corn plant, which is fairly significant.

Complete answer:
Pollination sort of is the system of shifting pollen from the anther to the stigma of flowering plants, which mainly is quite tremendous. Maize mostly is wind-pollinated however maize pollen cannot be carried over very fairly lengthy distances by using wind, which essentially is quite massive. It is due to the fact the maize pollens are comparatively heavy, type of further showing how maize is wind-pollinated however maize pollen cannot in reality be carried over very usually long distances through the wind, which commonly is reasonably huge. The pretty male anthers commonly move in their pollen and it blows over to a nearby usually girl flower on any other corn plant in a kind of massive manner. Most of the plants without a doubt are either male or virtually lady on a corn plant, in place of both sexes in a single flower, absolutely besides showing how pollination without a doubt is the process of shifting pollen from the anther to the stigma of flowering flora in an especially primary manner.

Hence, the correct answer is option C. Pollution in maize is brought by the wind.

Maize flowers in particular have evolved to use wind for pollination in a subtle manner. They, in reality, do not want quite petals, which generally suggests that they form the most element do now not want quite petals in a fairly fundamental way. The pollen sort of is mild so it can blow around and the ends of the simple woman parts particularly are fluffy to capture all the tiny pollen grains, demonstrating how maize flora truly has developed to use wind for pollination in an essential way.