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Ploughmen were known as ………………………. In tamil.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Plowing or ploughing is a farm method for loosening or turning the soil before seed or planting. Traditionally, puddles were drawn by oxen and horses, but tractors were drawn in modern farms. A plough may have a framework of wood, iron or steel, with a blade attached to the ground.

Complete answer:
Ordinary plowmen, and the land workers and the slaves, kadaisiyar and adimai, were respectively called Uzhavar. Those who were self-employed farmers were known as Grihapatis and worked on lands of others as Dasas and Karamkara. They have no ground they have.

As Uzhavar were the food grain maker, they lived with reverence for themselves. Agriculture was primitive during the early stages in Sangam but eventually increased drainage, ploughing, manuring, storage and distribution. The ancient Tamils were aware of the various types of soil, the crops which could be cultivated thereon, and the different irrigation schemes appropriate for a certain area. They were in Madras too, Tanjore (now Chennai, Thanjavur respectively).

Land ownership: but the King had not possessed much land, for the lands that he had granted the poets, brahmins, schools, hospitals and temples were not the sole landlord. The farmers were primarily farmers with their own plots. They were the soil tillers and they were named - Ulutunbar or Yerinvalnar, by various names.

Note: The major vocation of the Tamils during the Sangam period, 500 BCE – 300 CE. This was seen as a requirement for life and was hence considered to be the most important of all occupations. The farmers or Uzhavar were at the top of the social list.