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Pedology is a study of
A) Locomotion of animals
B) Rocks
C) Soil
D) Crop diseases

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Hint:Pedologyis derived from Greek words - pedon, "soil"; andlogos, "study". It is a study which comes under the soil science.

Complete Answer:
1) Pedology is defined as the science that studies the genesis, nature, distribution and use potentiality of soil resources. It uses an empirical scientific methodology, which is the topic of this paper. The role of systems, models, data and theories as key concepts of this scientific methodology is discussed within a pedagogical framework.
We will discuss more about the discipline of pedology as follows-
2) Soil is an open system because it loses and receives material and energy at its boundaries. Examples are given of how the soil system may be subdivided into subsystems suited to various types of pedological research.Soil is a non‐renewable dynamic natural resource that is essential to life. As the natural soil system is very complex pedologists build models as convenient devices for scientific research. The complex natural systems are replaced by a simpler or more abstract model, which can be more easily handled either manually or mentally.
3) The science of rocks is termed as Geology, whereas the study of crop diseases are termed as plant pathology. The study of locomotion uses application of kinematics, to study the animal movement. Though, an exclusive name for the study is not used.

Hence, the correct answer is option C(soil).

Note:Pedology is one of two main branches of soil science, the other being edaphology. Pedology deals with pedogenesis, soil morphology, and soil classification.Vasily Vasil'evich Dokuchaev is known as the father of pedology.He is the first person to wide range of investigation on different types of soils.