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PAN is
A.Peroxide Acetic Nitrate
B. PeroxyAcetyl Nitrate
C. PeroxyAcetic Nitrate
D.None of the above

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: PAN is a toxic chemical substance which is an important component of smog. It behaves like a normal gas at normal temperature and pressure. The molecules of PAN are composed of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atoms.

Complete answer:
The PAN is the most powerful component present in the photochemical smog which can cause strong irritation to the eyes and the respiratory tracts. They are the nitrates which are prepared in the thermal equilibrium between the organic peroxy radicals and the oxygenated volatile organic compounds. They are a good source of volatile organic compounds which is very important in the study of local and global effects of pollutants. PANs are toxic and irritating as they dissolve in water. They irritate the eyes but at higher concentration, they can damage the vegetation severely.
PANs are the Peroxyactyl nitrate and they are the secondary pollutants and are not directly emitted from the power plants and by the internal combustion of the engines. They are generally formed by other pollutants and the chemical reactions that take place in the atmosphere. The most common radical of the PAN is the peroxyacetyl which can be produced by the oxidation of the radicals of acetaldehyde, several ketones and various other compounds which react with nitrogen dioxide to form peroxyacetyl nitrate.
Hence, the correct answer is B.

Note: PANs can transfer the unstable compounds far away from the urban and industrial origin. The PANs and their derivatives are regarded as the mutagenic which can cause cancer.