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One plant produces only female white flowers, if it produces pink flowers in the next generation then which one of the following is possible?
(A) Double fertilization
(B) Self pollination
(C) Cross pollination
(D) No fertilization

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Hint:The Commotion contamination impacts a unconfined many individuals consistently. The most well-known medical issue it causes is Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Introduction to uproarious mayhem can likewise rationalization hypertension, coronary illness, rest unsettling influences, and stress.

Complete answer:
Causing hearing problems: To Hearing misfortune can influence an individual in three principle ways: less instructive and openings for work considering weakened correspondence. Social withdrawal considering wizened subsumption to administrations and troubles speaking with others. Damage to the inner ear. Aging and exposure to loud noises can cause the hair or nerve cells in the cochlea to wear out, which can cause the brain to produce sound signs.

When these hair or nerve cells are injured or lost, the electronic signals cannot be effectively transmitted, and auditory misfortune will occur. The higher pitch may restrain you. It may be difficult for you to choose words that oppose the

Higher stress level causing many lifestyle diseases: The Progressing, persistent pressure, be that as it may, can rationalize or recipe numerous genuine medical conditions, including: Mental medical issues, for example, sadness, uneasiness, and weft problems. Cardiovascular illness, including coronary illness, hypertension, queer heart rhythms, respiratory failures, and stroke.

Note:Noise pollution is a serious problem and can have serious health effects. Noise pollution mainly affects the human body in three different ways, namely, physical, physiological, and psychological. The physical effects of noise pollution are direct effects on human health, such as hearing loss or tinnitus.