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One of the most resistant biological materials is..........

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The pollen grains of the flowers have an outer layer on it. This layer protects the spore from the high temperature and also from the microbial action on the pollen grains. In this way pollen grains the vegetative part gets protected from external conditions.

Complete answer:
1.Lignin :- lignin is one of the complex organic polymers in some vascular plants and some of the algae. It is important in the formation of the cell wall of the plants and the algae. It is a highly rigid complex molecule which does not easily rot.

2.Hemicellulose :- Hemicellulose is one of the most important polymers in the cell wall of terrestrial plants. It provides extra external support to the plants to protect from the external shock.

3.Sporopollenin :- The outer exine layer of the pollen grains are formed of the Sporopollenin. It is one of the most resistant biological materials as it resists higher temperature as well as on the action of microbial activity. This layer protects the pollen grains from all types of external unfavourable conditions.

4.Lignocellulose :- it is the most abundant material that is present on the earth, it is a kind of biofuel as it is the dry matter of the plants .
So from the above description we can say that the Sporopollenin is one of the most resistant biological materials on the earth.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(C)

Note: 1.The cell wall is made of resistant material to protect the cell from the external shock and from the high temperature and microbial activity.
2.Cell wall also helps in maintaining the shape of the cell.