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Number of phenotypes possible from $AaBbCc \times AaBbCc$ is
A. 16
B. 12
C. 8
D. 4

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Hint: A gene is a part of DNA that consists of the trait from the parents to the offsprings. A gene can be found in different forms in an organism and these different genes are known as alleles. The subsequent combination of alleles that are present in an individual for a particular type of gene is called genotype. Phenotype is not inherited from the parents like phenotype and is influenced by environmental and genetic modifications.

Complete answer:
Phenotypes is the term used to define the characteristics or traits used in study of genetics of an organism. Phenotype describes the development process, morphology or physical form, behavior, biochemical and physiological characters of an organism. Anything that is dependent on genotype is known as phenotype including proteins and RNA molecules.
Punnett square is used to observe the phenotype of an offspring as there is a cross between two individual parents. It was devised by Reginald C. Punnett and helps in knowing the probability of traits acquired by the next generation. There is a formula to know the number of possible phenotypes from two parents which is ${2^n}$ in which n describes the number of pairs of characters. In the above cross$AaBbCc \times AaBbCc$, there are three pairs of characters which are Aa, Bb, Cc. Therefore, the number of possible phenotypes are ${2^3} = 8$.

Hence, the correct option is C. 8.

A phenotypic trait are the phenotypic characters of an organism which are acquired due to environmental factors or inheritance from the parents. The unit of inheritance is known as gene, which is the portion of chromosome which contains all the genetic information of an organism.