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Nitrolim is a mixture of:
(a) $Ca{{(CN)}_{2}}+$ graphite
(b) $Ca{{C}_{2}}+$ graphite
(c) $CaC{{N}_{2}}+$ graphite
(d) $CaC{{N}_{2}}+{{N}_{2}}$

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Hint:. Nitrolim is a mixture which consists of the cyanamide of the alkali metal which has the atomic number as 20 and mass number as 40 and is a s-block element along with the carbon. Now with this you can easily identify the formula of the mixture of the nitrolim.

Complete step by step answer:
- When the nitrogen gas is passed through the calcium carbide at a very high range of temperature , it results in the formation of the mixture which consists of the calcium cyanamide and a form of carbon i.e. graphite. This mixture is popularly known as the nitrolim. The reaction is supposed to occur as;
$Ca{{C}_{2}}+{{N}_{2}}\to CaC{{N}_{2}}+C$
- This mixture or the nitrolim is commonly known as the lime nitrogen.
- In other words, we can say that the nitrolim is a calcium salt of the cyanamide i.e. $CaC{{N}_{2}}$ and graphite.
- The nitrolim is very rich in the nitrogen content and is therefore mostly used in the agricultural field as inorganic fertilizer. It is also a nitrogenous fertilizer due to the presence of high nitrogen in it.
So, thus Nitrolim is a mixture of $CaC{{N}_{2}} + $ graphite.
So, the correct answer is “Option C”.

Note: Don’t get confused in the terms mixture and compound. The mixture is made up of two more different compounds or substances Example: mixture of sugar and salt solutions , air etc. whereas on the other hand, a compound is made up of two or more different atoms. Example: water, ammonia , carbon dioxide etc.