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Nitrogen gas is originally ‘Azote’.
(A) True
(B) False

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Nitrogen is the important part and essential component need for the survival of the body. The amino acids are made up of nitrogen which makes the proteins in our hair, muscles, skin and other tissues also. It is used in manufacturing of fertilizers, nylon, medicines and dyes.

Complete answer:The word azote means without life or lifeless. Nitrogen gas is known as azote because on the basis of observation it is seen that nitrogen gas is the part of air which cannot support life. Nitrogen gas was stated azote by Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier in 1786. The azote that is nitrogen gas is used as a blanketing medium during the production of electronic components. It is also used in steel products and in annealing of stainless steel. The liquid nitrogen is generally cold because the molecules which are in gaseous state change to liquid. The liquid form of nitrogen is not found naturally. It is heated by compression and then at a certain temperature it is cooled down and collected in liquid form. If a person breathes nitrogen then it is dangerous because nitrogen displaces the oxygen present in our body. A person will feel unconsciousness within one or two breathe. It is also used in the Haber process with hydrogen for the formation of ammonia.

So the correct answer for this question is true.

Note:Nitrogen is odourless, colorless and a relatively inert gas. The liquid nitrogen is similar in color with water. It is one of the major components of liquid. The liquid nitrogen is used in removal of unwanted skin, precancerous cells and warts.