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What is necessary for the maximum and judicious use of water.
a)The knowledge of soil texture
b)modern methods of agriculture
c)Irrigation system
d)All of the above

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Hint: The use of water in the agricultural practice is known as irrigation of the field area. This irrigation helps in the growth of the crop. It helps in maintaining the moisture content of the soil. The crop plants take in water available from the soil.

Complete answer:
Use of water is essential in the crop growth and agricultural practices. This use of water needs to be done in a proper way such that crops are able to grow properly. If an excess of water is provided to a crop needing a minimum amount of water then there are chances for the crop failure as the crop may get decayed. The knowledge of the soil texture and its water holding capacity should be known to the farmer. It helps them in providing an adequate amount of water to the crops. The irrigation system also helps in providing the right amount of water to the crops. This helps in lowering the water wastage and a large area gets covered in a short period of time. irrigation systems like drip irrigation systems are used by many farmers in their fields. The modern methods of agriculture also help the farmers to use water judiciously. Such farming practices are sustainable and have less water wastage.
So, the answer is ‘all of the above’.

Note: Irrigation practice is an essential part of the agricultural practices. This also involves the various other important steps which are also equally important in the production of a good quality crop. The knowledge of the soil texture and its water-holding helps in providing an adequate amount of water to the crops.