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Name two types of spherical mirrors.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: At first we must write about what a spherical mirror is, how it is used and how many types of spherical mirror there are. After that write some terms related to spherical mirrors. Then draw the diagram of two spherical mirrors and describe them.

Complete step by step answer:
At first we must know what is a spherical mirror,
So, A spherical mirror is nothing but a mirror that has the shape like a piece cut directly from a piece of a spherical surface.
Generally there are two types of spherical mirrors,
1. Convex Mirror.
2. Concave Mirror.
So, now as we have read so far we must also know some of the terminologies of the spherical mirror,
1. Center of curvature
2. Radius of curvature
3. Principal Axis
4. Pole
5. Aperture
6. Principal focus
7. Focus
seo images

Here in the above diagram, we see the concave mirror, we can see it has a hard surface on one side and a reflecting surface on the other. The focal length is the distance between the middle of the mirror to point F.
seo images

Here in the above diagram we see the convex mirror and we can see that it also has one side hard surface and on the other the reflecting surface here also the distance between the middle of the lens to point F is the focal length.

Note: Students must know what spherical mirrors are. How many types of mirrors are there and how are the diagrams for how the spherical mirrors are represented graphically. Moreover they must also know about all the terms related to spherical mirrors.