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Name the most commonly used natural vector for cloning genes in the plants.

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: In generally molecular cloning, a vector is a DNA molecule used as a vehicle to artificially carry foreign genetic material into another cell, where it can be replicated and/or expressed. So a vector containing foreign DNA is termed recombinant DNA, which helped in the production of genetically modified plants.

Complete answer:
The most commonly used natural vector for cloning genes in the plants is Ti plasmid vector. Ti plasmid vector used in the bacterium to cause tumour plants that present in the agrobacterium tumefaciens. And modification of the T DNA region of the plasmid to the removal of the tumour that causes the gene and help to introduce the foreign genes those introducing into the plants by using the infecting plant with the plasmid.
Generally, An important feature of Ti plasmids is their ability to drive the production of opines, which are derivatives of various amino acids or sugar phosphates, in host plant cells. So these opines can then be used as a nutrient for the infecting bacteria, which catalyzes the respective opines using genes encoded in the Ti plasmid only.
Genetically engineered plasmids are the most common technique used in the cloning vectors. The first time the cloning was performed in E.coli and cloned to E.coli includes plasmids such as bacterial artificial chromosomes, cosmids and bacteriophage. Very large fragments of the DNA including the other organisms such as Yeast cannot maintain stability by using the E.coli Such as selectable marker, suitable for cloning all the vectors used in molecular biology with important functions. Shuttle vectors are those who maintained another organism in addition to the E.coli. Gene to be conveniently removed and inserted with the help of cloning vectors that have multiple cloning sites which contain many unique restriction sites. Cloning vectors are the small pieces of the DNA that help to maintain the stability of the organisms and in the cloning purposes, foreign DNA fragments are inserted in it. The cell of higher organisms and plasmid of the bacterium and from the viruses cloning vectors taken from it. In the restriction enzymes that cut the DNA fragments by using the features of the insertion and removal of the DNA fragments by using the vectors.

The host plant cells in which the various sugar phosphate and amino acids are derived from the opines production that are present in the Ti plasmids. The genes encoded in the Ti plasmids that respect the opines used to provide the nutrition for the infected bacteria of the catabolism opines.