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Name the male part of the flower. Write names of its parts and draw a diagram.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The male part of the flower is constituted with the whorl called androecium.

Complete Answer:
Flowers are the fascinating plant organs. For us they hold serene and aesthetic values. For cultivators they are the providers of seeds. That is because flowers are the organs of sexual reproduction in flowering plants or the angiosperms.

Now, if we are referring to flowers as the sexual organs, they must have male and female reproductive organs. Well, yes, a perfect flower has the following parts:
1. Sepals, arranged in a whorl called calyx.
2. Petals, arranged in whorls called corolla.
3. Male reproductive parts or stamens, arranged in a whorl called androecium.
4. Female reproductive parts or pistil, arranged in a whorl called gynoecium.

Talking about the male reproductive part of stamen, it has the following parts:
1. Anther: It is a bilobed and tetrasporangiate structure in which the sporogenous tissue is present. The cells of the sporogenous tissue give rise to the microspore or pollen mother cells which produce pollen grains through meiosis. The pollen grains are the haploid amle gametophyte that carries the male gametes.
2. Filament: It is a stalk-like structure that connects anther to the thalamus of the flower and acts as the conduit for the nutrition to anther.
3. Connective: It is a tissue that connects two lobes of the bilobed anther.

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Note: The anther is surrounded by layers from outside to inside as follows:
Epidermis, Endothecium, that helps in anther dehiscence, Middle layers, Tapetum, that provides nourishment to the developing pollen grains.