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Name the main geographical factors which influence the growth of natural vegetation.

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: Natural vegetation includes those plant communities that have been left undisturbed over a long period of time, so as to allow its individual species to adapt themselves to climatic and soil conditions in their best possible way.

Complete step by step answer:
Some of the important geographical factors for affecting the growth and development of natural vegetation are as follows:
Land: Land is an important factor for any natural vegetation because of the nature of the land, its fertility, and its usage influence how a plant will grow or adapt in the end.
Soil: Soil is an important layer of the earth’s outermost layer known as the crust. Different types of soils are fit for different types of vegetation. Soils are of different types and they are formed by rocks and accordingly, different plants are grown as per the quality of the soil.
Temperature: Humidity and temperature determine the character and the extent of vegetation. An area having high temperature and humidity supports the evergreen type of forest and an area having low humidity supports thorny bushes. Similarly, the Himalayan region supports alpine vegetation.
Sunlight: The impact of sunlight on a plant determines its natural vegetation. For example:- In an area where there is an abundance of sunlight, trees grow very fast and this is one reason why trees grow faster in summers.
Rainfall: The amount of rainfall impacts greatly the growth of vegetation. For instance, if an area receives heavy rainfall of 200 cm or more, then it is suitable for the growth of dense vegetation such as the evergreen rainforests.

Note: Vegetation not only provides a safe haven for the animals but also blesses us with an abundance of forest products. Plants also produce oxygen, protects the soil from degradation, and helps in recharging the groundwater. Hence, a duty must instill in all of us to maintain and protect our natural vegetation.