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What is the name of the strings which vibrate in our voice box when we talk?
1) Oesophagus
2) Pharyngeal slits
3) Vocal cords
4) All

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Hint:-The band of muscle tissue that is present in voice box, through which air passes and it vibrates To bring out the solution of the above problem we will define and discuss the properties of each organ given in the options and then we will conclude about the strings which will follow the above mentioned definition. So, let’s define and write the functions of each organ and find the correct option.

Complete Answer:-
Let’s define the voice box first and after that we will discuss each of the given options.
Voice box: The voice box or larynx is present in the neck of the human body and performs functions like breathing, swallowing, and production of sound. It is the area of the throat which contains vocal cords.
Oesophagus: It is a muscular tube which connects our mouth to our stomach .Oesophagus is also known as the gastrointestinal tract.
Pharyngeal slits: pharyngeal slits are filter feeding organs found among deuterostomes. Pharyngeal slits are repeated openings that appear along the pharynx caudal to the mouth, which allows the movement of water from the mouth with this position.
Vocal cords: vocal cords are the two bands of muscle tissue. Vocal cords are located in the larynx or voice box just above the windpipe. When we speak, the air we exhale from our lungs is forced upon the vocal cords, this action of force causes vocal cords to vibrate.
Thus, from the definitions or functions we can conclude that vocal cords are the organs which vibrate when we speak.
Thus, the right option is 3.

Note:- Vocal cords are surrounded by a neck triangle especially in men called Adam’s apple. Adam’s apple protects the frontal part of the larynx which includes vocal cords and deepens the voice quality, this is the reason men have more deep voices as compared to women. Adam’s apple grows with puberty in men and remains absent in pre puberty period.
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