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Name any two exotic breeds of fowl in India, and mention their usefulness.

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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Hint: Exotic breeds are utilised with the intention of crossbreeding. Exotic means foreign and is not local. It is somewhere developed and transported to a region. They crossed the indigenous people once and the product was bred artificially by descendants. Compared to the indigenous, they can produce much more.

Complete answer: The Leghorn and Rhode Island Red, for example, rare exotic fowl races in India. Leghorns are decent white egg layers, with an average annual layer of 280 and a weight of at least 55g often reaching 300–320. White Leghorns have been commonly used for commercial and industrial operations in the production of highly productive egg-laying hybrids. The Rhode Island Red was created as a dual-purpose breed to provide both meat and eggs. Since 1940, it has been mainly selected for egg-laying characteristics, and a layer breed is the new industrial Rhode Island Red. Rhode Island Reds have been used in the development of many modern hybrid breeds, primarily because of the prolific egg-laying ability of the Rhode Island Red. There are around 200-300 brown eggs per year in the conventional dual-purpose "old-type" Rhode Island Red, which yields rich-flavoured meat suitable for making chicken stew.
White leghorn: It is small in size and needs less food for upkeep. So, it's cost effective to increase it. It lays white oval eggs.
Rhode Island red: It serves all purposes because it is a decent layer of eggs and offers ample meat as well. It was raised in the U.S.A. on a farm in Rhode Island. So, it's called red Rhode Island.

Note: The advantages of exotic breeds are numerous. Exotic breeds are very tolerant of different diseases and are less likely to suffer from different diseases. They are also very tolerant of other variables such as temperature, parasites, etc.