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Name any one plant that grows in water and eaten as food.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The aquatic ecosystem consists of various living organisms. It acts as home to many aquatic plants, algae, and fungi species. Plants and some green algae produce their own food by photosynthesis, i.e. they are autotrophs. While fungi, and some algal classes are heterotrophs. Seaweeds are commonly used as food. Eg. – porphyra, a red algae used in ‘sushi’ by the Japanese. However, it belongs to the kingdom Protista.

Complete answer:
> Plants like lotus, water spinach, watercress, taro, water chestnut, etc. are grown in water. Parts of these plants are used as food ingredients.
> Nelumbo nucifera is a water-growing plant also called Indian Lotus.
> Its origin lies in the Indian subcontinent. But now it is also seen to grow in South Asian countries.
> It is grown in marshy ponds of depth about 2.5 to 3 metres.
> It grows deep into water till up to 8 feet.
> It has a thick stalk, flat circular leaves that float on the water that forms the base for the floral whorl.
> It is cultivated for its edible parts- seeds, roots, rhizome, pips, leaves, stem, and flower.
> The seeds of lotus are nutritious and used in rice, soups, as ‘makhana’, in fermented milk,etc
> The rhizomes of lotus resemble raw potato. They are cut into slices and pickled for storage.
> The young stems are cut into small pieces and added to salads and soups.
> The leaves have the ability to hold water. It is used to wrap cooked rice.
> The petals of lotus flowers are dried, powdered and used as tea.
> Every part of Nelumbo nucifera is edible and is widely cultivated.

> Lotus is a flower having symbolic importance. It is the national flower of India. Lotus is a holy flower.
> Although lotus can be eaten raw, there are some risks associated with it.
> Lotus seeds are likely to get contaminated by fungus. Hence they are either freeze-dried or sun-dried before eating.
> The stems and rhizomes must be properly cooked as there are chances of parasite transmission.