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Name an alloy of:
$\left( a \right)$ Aluminum used in aircraft construction
$\left( b \right)$ Lead used in electrical wiring or electrical in joining metals
$\left( c \right)$ Copper in electrical appliance of household vessels
\[\left( d \right)\] Zinc is used in simple voltaic cells

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Hint: Alloy is a colloidal solution in which dispersed phase and dispersed medium is solid or it can also be defined as the combination of two or more different types of metal. These different types of metal are combined in definite proportion with each other to form an alloy.

Complete answer:
As we know alloys are formed when two or more different types of metal combine in different proportions. Our question is why alloy is important. This is because alloy shows good properties and many applications.
Alloys have good thermal and electrical conductivity, high tensile strength also offer high resistance to oxidation and mechanical strength. For example stainless steel is used to make utensils rather than a metal such as iron because stainless steel protects the utensil from corrosion.
These are the alloys used in which is asked in the given question;
Duralumin is an alloys of aluminum used in aircraft construction, solder is an alloys of lead used in electrical wiring or electrical work in joining metals, Brass is an alloy of copper used in electrical appliance of household vessels and Zinc amalgam is used in simple voltaic cells.

Additional information:Purpose of making alloys: Alloys are made to enhance the hardness of metal, lower the melting point, enhance tensile strength, enhance corrosion resistance and modify colour etc.

Note: It is to be noted that alloys always not form by combining two metals, it can also be formed by combining metal and non-metal for example iron combined with non-metallic carbon to produce an alloy called steel.