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Name all the neighbouring countries of India.

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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Hint:India is an Asian country surrounded by different sovereign countries. India is the second-largest country in the world. The Northern part of India is shared by five countries and the eastern part of India is shared by two countries. And the remaining 3 countries share water borders with India.

Complete answer:
India, a country is located in the southern part of Asia. India has a land border of 15106.7km. India is latitudinally located in the Northern Hemisphere and longitudinally located in the Eastern hemisphere. According to population statistics, India is the second-largest country in the world. In terms of the area of land, India is the seventh-largest country in the world.
The eastern border of India is shared by Bangladesh and Myanmar. Also, shares water borders with Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Indonesia. The following are the brief note on each neighbouring countries of India:
Central Asian country
Length of the border: 106 km
Official languages: Dari, Pashto
States/province: 34Provinces

It shares one of the longest borders with India in the world.
Border length: 4096.7 km
Official language: Bengali
States/provinces: 8 provinces

Border length: 699 km
Official language: Dzongkha
States/provinces: 20 states

World’s most populated country
Border length: 3488 km
Official language: Mandarin
States/provinces: 26 provinces

Border length: 1643 km
Official language: Burmese
India is Myanmar’s fourth-largest export market.

Located in the northeast part of India
Border length: 1751 km
Official language: Nepali
States/provinces: 7 provinces

Border length: 3323km
Official language: Urdu
States/provinces: 4 provinces

8.Sri Lanka
Shares Indian coastline
Borderline: sea border
Official languages: Sinhala, Tamil
States/provinces: $9$ states

9.The Maldives
Borderline: sea border (Indian ocean-Arabian sea area)
Official language: Dhivehi
States/provinces: one only
The above nine countries are the neighbouring countries of India and share northern, eastern, and water borders.

Note: India and Pakistan were divided after the Partition in 1947. In 1971, after the civil war in Pakistan, Bangladesh was formed. India and Bangladesh share the longest borders in the world. The fact is that Sri Lanka and the Maldives do not directly share borders with India, they share water borders.