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(a) Three different forms of carbon.
(b) A form of carbon used as a gem.
(c) Two substances used to make electric wires.
(d) Two substances used to make jewellery.
(e) A substance used as an insulator.

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Hint: Carbon is a very abundant element that exists in different forms in nature. It has a covalency of 4 and can therefore form multiple compounds.

Complete answer:
(a) The three different forms of carbon are:
 1. Diamond
 2. Graphite
 3. Coal
(b) A form of carbon used as a gem: Diamond
(c) Two substances used to make electric wires are:
1. Copper
2. Aluminium
- These materials are used to make electric wires because they are good conductors of electricity.
(d) The two substances used to make jewellery are:
1. Gold
2. Silver
-They are used to make jewellery because they are gleaming, lustrous and ductile.
(e) Plastic is used as an insulator because it is a poor conductor of electricity.

Carbon has three allotropic forms. Diamond is the hardest substance known and therefore it is used as a gem. It has a three-dimensional structure. Graphite, on the other hand, is a good conductor of electricity.