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Mother is responsible for the sex of the baby
(a) True
(b) False

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: In human being the female ovum consist of XX homologous sex chromosome while the male sperm consists of XY heterologous sex chromosome. Crossing of male and female sex chromosome helps to detect the sex of the baby.

Complete answer:
In humans, the sex of a baby is determined by the chromosome to come from a male partner because the male partner is consist of a heterologous XY chromosome and the female partner consist of a homologous XX chromosome. When crossing takes place between male and female chromosome if male X chromosome cross with female X chromosome then offspring get produce is a baby girl due to homologous XX chromosome and if crossing takes place between male Y and female X chromosome then offspring get produce is baby boy due to heterologous XY chromosome. Therefore due to heterologous chromosome sex is determined by the father of the baby, not by the mother.

Additional Information:
Different living organisms have different types of chromosome set not all males have heterologous sex chromosome, not all female has homologous sex chromosome. In Drosophila, the female has homologous XX while the male has heterologous XY. In birds, the female is heteromorphic with the ZW sex chromosome while the male is homomorphic with the ZZ sex chromosome.

So, the correct answer is false.

Plants that show sexual reproduction also have chromosomes similar to some insects like roundworm, grasshopper, cockroaches, etc. These plants are Vallisneria, Dioscorea and Fragaria. These plants have sex chromosome like AX in female and AO in male.