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Most of our cells are surrounded by:
A. Blood
B. Interstitial fluid
C. Pure water
D. Air

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Hint:-All the living organisms look very different from each other, but internally they all are made up of the same basic component, be it an amoeba or an elephant. The cell is the basic unit, the building block found in all the living things. The presence of the cell is one of the basic conditions required to be called living.

Complete Answer:-Cells perform different functions starting from making the basic body structure to the metabolism of food. Cells contain cytoplasm which is surrounded by a membrane and contains many biomolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins, etc. It also contains many organelles such as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, etc.
Interstitial fluid is a fluid present in a thin layer present all over the body and it surrounds the cells of the body. It constitutes the internal environment of the body that surrounds almost all the cells. It is a fluid that is present between the cells and the blood vessels and contains many nutrients. It is the major constituent of the extracellular fluid (about 97%). The interstitial fluid is composed of water, ions and other solutes exchanged from the capillaries.

So the correct option is (B) Interstitial fluid.

Note:- Robert Hook first described a cell as a small chamber (with tiny pores) inhabited by monks and named it ‘cell’. The word cell was derived from the Latin word ‘cella’ means a small chamber or compartment or room. He wrote about this discovery and characteristics of the cell in his book “Micrographia”. He observed the cells of a plant cork (dead) and thought that the cells were a dead material.