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Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Hint: Formate whose IUPAC name is methanoate is the anion derived from formic acid. Its formula is chloroformate, $C{H_3}OCOCl$. The combined influence of —$OH$ and —$C{H_3}$ groups determines the position of the incoming group.

Complete answer:
Phenyl methanoate is a compound having very less shelf- life. So, it is very unstable. Its formula is ${C_6}{H_5}OCOH$.

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It goes to the para position because the Benzene ring will be unstable if the $N{O_2}$group is attached anywhere else. It is an electron donating group and also an unstable compound at Meta or Ortho positions.
This process occurs in the presence of $HN{O_3}$ and ${H_2}S{O_4}$which is the nitrating mixture.

Note: Phenyl methanoate is a compound having very less life and hence it is very unstable. Its nitration is not feasible to carry out. But still if nitration is carried out then it will give a meta product. In such types of problems, the properties of compounds are very important.

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