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Mention the 'incubation period' of Plasmodium Vivax.
A)10-14 days
B)20-25 days
C)30 days
D)45 days

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Plasmodium vivax is a major cause of recurring malaria. It is a protozoan parasite and human pathogen. Plasmodium vivax causes several diseases and death due to splenomegaly. It is one of the deadliest of the five human malaria parasites.

Complete answer:
-The incubation period of malaria is defined as the difference of time between the exposure of the human body to the infectious agent and the occurrence of the first clinical signs of a symptom. Here the infectious agent is the bite of the anomalies mosquito.
-The incubation period depends on the species of plasmodium which causes malaria.
-Plasmodium vivax is a protozoan parasite that is behind the cause of malaria disease. The incubation period of plasmodium vivax is 10 to 14 days.

Additional Information: -Usually, the life cycle of plasmodium vivax involves two hosts i.e mosquito and human. Infected female anopheles inoculates sporozoites into the human body while biting. Sporozoites with the help of the bloodstream reach the liver and there they infect the liver cells and mature into the schizonts. There they rupture and release merozoites.
-The rupture of the infected red blood cells results in pathogenicity and causes fever. The red blood cells which are infected join each other and stick to the walls of the capillaries. Vessels also plug up and decrease the concentration of oxygen into the tissue. The infection caused by the plasmodium vivax may also cause the spleen to enlarge
-The cause of the atypical symptoms by plasmodium vivax is the loss of taste, fever, pain while swallowing, cough, and urinary discomfort.
-In the liver, the parasite can also go dormant for a few days to a year. Thus, cause no symptoms and also undetectable in the blood test.

So, the correct answer is,”10-14 days”.

Note: -So, the life cycle of the plasmodium vivax is very complex. First, it infects an insect host, where sexual reproduction takes place. Then infect the vertebrae host where asexual amplification occurs.
-female anopheles mosquito is the main causing agent that carries the plasmodium vivax.
-Around 65% of the cases of malaria in Asia and South America are caused by plasmodium vivax.