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How many meiosis division is essential for the formation of 100 zygotes in humans?
A. 100
B. 50
C. 125
D. 150

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: To produce 100 male gametes, 25 meiotic divisions are done, and to produce 100 female gametes, 100 meiotic divisions are done. Hence the total divisions which are essential in humans for the formation of 100 zygotes.

Complete answer:
For the formation of one hundred Zygotes a hundred twenty-five meiotic divisions are needed. A zygote is shaped by the fusion of a haploid for all intents and functions male and usually lady gamete; therefore to honestly decide the wide variety of generally general meiotic division to kind of produce 100 zygotes the overall variety of meiotic divisions in men and women normally has to simply be considered, which is pretty full-size. In males, one meiotic division bureaucracy four generally male gametes, as a consequence 25 meiotic departments give one hundred truly male gametes, which essentially is reasonably enormous. In females, One meiotic division forms one egg cell, because of the remaining 3 degenerates to the type that offer vitamins to the growing egg mobile, or so that they are honestly ideal. For that reason, a hundred meiotic divisions offer one hundred egg cells subtly. Hence for all intents and functions, the general quantity of meiotic divisions had to form a hundred zygotes = 25 meiotic divisions in adult males + 100 meiotic divisions in girls = 125 which is quite vast.

Hence, the correct answer is 125 meiosis divisions will be done for the formation of 100 zygotes in humans.

A zygote in particular is the mobile shaped when gametes fuse for the duration of fertilization, which commonly is quite substantial. The DNA cloth from the two cells, in reality, is combined inside the resulting zygote, so the DNA kind of fabric from the two cells certainly is combined inside the resulting zygote in a totally major manner.