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What do you mean by family planning? Craftily the importance of small family.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Family planning holds a very important role in a country’s growth and is an aspect of reproductive health. In the state of the population explosion in many countries of the world, having a small family is considered an essential step towards a healthy society.

Complete step by step answer:
Family planning is related to the reproductive health of society. This involves consideration in the number of children a woman wishes to have and the use of contraception and other techniques to control the timing and number of reproduction.
In a country like India, where the population is rising every day, it has become a necessity to introduce family planning to every single individual. Programs and plans are already in action. The family planning program in Indian was initiated in 1951.
With the help of digital and non-digital processes, the government should make the people aware of the situation. Proper reproductive and sex- related education is to be provided in schools so that the growing children and teenagers can learn safe and healthy reproductive life. It is also necessary to make the married people and the people of marriageable age conscious about reproductive health as well as the importance of a small family.
Therefore, we can conclude the aspects of family planning as,
- Control of the number of children in a family i.e. having a small family.
- Prevent foeticide of the female fetus, thus establish equality of genders.
- Proper age gap between two children.
- Healthy age of parents to give birth as well as take care of the child.
- Use of birth control methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
- Spreading the importance of family planning.
Having a small family is also an aspect of family planning. This can be achieved by using contraceptive methods and having a proper gap between two children. As in today's world, the population has become a matter of concern, the small family idea turned out to be a very useful step. Many couples, especially in urban areas, have adopted the one- child norm. The government also started giving incentives to small families which was a great measure to make the people conscious.

Note: Increase in population has caused many problems such as scarcity of food, shelter, and clothing. In a state like this, family planning and the idea of a small family has become very popular and important. Government has taken many steps for this through various plans and programs and these are currently in action under the RCH programs. Making the people understand the aspects and providing support to build a reproductively healthy society are the main goal of family planning.