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Match the sugars in the column I with their types in column II and mark the appropriate choice

Column IColumn II
A. Glucosei. Ketohexose
B. Fructoseii. Aldohexose
C. Riboseiii. Aldotetrose
D. Erythroseiv. Aldopentose

A. A-iv, B-i, C-iii, D-ii
B. A-iii, B-iv, C-i, D-ii
C. A-i, B-ii, C-iii, D-ii
D. A-ii, B-i, C-iv, D-iii

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Hint: Carbohydrates are very essential for our body as it is a source of energy for our body. They are termed as carbohydrates as they are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen at their chemical level. Carbohydrates are essential nutrients and have sugars, fibers, and starches. Sugar is generally a type of carbohydrate.

Complete answer: Simple carbohydrates have one or two sugar molecules. Glucose is a simple sugar molecule represented by the molecular formula ${{C}_{6}}{{H}_{12}}{{O}_{6}}$. It is a generally monosaccharide which contains six carbon atoms and an aldehyde group and is therefore known as an aldohexose.
Fructose also known by fruit sugar is a simple ketonic monosaccharide which is found in many plants where it is often bonded to glucose to form the disaccharide sucrose and known to be ketohexose.
Ribose is a simple sugar and carbohydrate represented by molecular formula ${{C}_{5}}{{H}_{10}}{{O}_{5}}$. Ribose can also be recognized as the pentose sugar with all of its hydroxyl functional groups on the same side in its Fischer projection.
Erythrose is generally a tetrose saccharide with the chemical formula ${{C}_{8}}{{H}_{8}}{{O}_{4}}$. Due to the presence of the aldehyde group it is said to be a part of the aldose family.

Hence option D is the correct answer.

Note: In simple carbohydrates molecules are digested and converted quickly which results in a rise of sugar level in blood. The most common resources of carbohydrates are milk products, beer, fruits, refined sugars, candies, etc.