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Match the following Column I with Column II.
Column IColumn II
A. Agrostology1. Earth
B. Smallest flowering plant2. Genetic engineering
C. Tectonic3. Migration
D. Ecesis4. Wolffia
E. Euphonix5. Grass

(I). A-5, B-4, C-1, D-3, E-2
(II). A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5
(III). A-2, B-3, C-1, D-3, E-4
(IV). A-4, B-5, C-2, D-1, E-3

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Hint: Agrostology and Tectonics is the study of a particular thing, Euphenics and Ecesis are certain processes, and the smallest flowering plant looks like a group of algae.

Complete Answer:
- Agrostology is the study of grasses. The study involves learning about a grass’ cellular processes, morphology, classification, histology etc. Modern researches include studying about the living populations of grasses to establish their genetic inheritance and adaptations to particular habitats. Evolutionary relationships between groups of grasses are investigated by biochemical studies. Astrology has importance in the maintenance of wild and grazed grasslands, agriculture, urban and environmental horticulture, sod production, ecology and conservation.

- Wolffia are the smallest flowering plants on earth. Also called duckweed or watermeal, they are a genus of 9 to 11 species. They are free-floating, green or yellow-green and without roots. It has one stamen and one pistil. And flowers are produced in the depression of the top surface of the body. They are widely distributed across several continents and 40% of them are protein on a dry matter basis. They act as bioremediator of excess heavy metals by its rapid growth and uptake of these materials.

- Tectonics is the study of deformation of the rocks that makes up the earth’s crust. They also provide a basis to study earthquakes and volcanic belts that affect the global population. Hence, the term tectonics refers to earth.

- Ecesis is the establishment of an immigrant plant or animal in a new habitat. Hence, it is related to migration.

- Euphenics is the science of making phenotypic improvement to humans after birth, usually to cure a genetic condition. Euphenics is related to genetic engineering.

Hence, the correct option is option A, ‘A-5, B-4, C-1, D-3, E-2’.

Note: Euphenics was introduced for human welfare through biotechnology. By tectonics we can study about the evolution of earth. Ecesis is a part of ecology to know about both plant and animal migration. Wolffia are also used as food as it is rich in protein. Through agrostology, we can know more about the relationship between groups of grasses.