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Marasmus occurs due to:
Protein deficiency
Carbohydrate deficiency
Fat deficiency
None of these.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Marasmus is a kind of disease related to malnutrition. This is a pathologic condition linked with mainly energy and calories deficiency which occur in children and may start at the time of weaning.

Complete answer:
Marasmus is a condition in which a person may have chronic diarrhoea, respiratory infections, intellectual disability or stunted growth. Marasmus can make children more short-tempered and irritable. Children having Marasmus may feel very low or no energy while doing some physical tasks or for doing anything.
Nutrition deficiency is the main reason for the Marasmus. There are several other types of malnutrition also common due to poverty and a scarcity of food. Some serious malnutrition may include iron, iodine, zinc and vitamin A. Sometimes due to poverty mother is not able to produce enough milk for infants which may affect his health and may cause Marasmus.
Initial stages of treatment for Marasmus may include dried skim milk powder mixed with water. If Marasmus do not get better then doctors may recommend vegetable oil such as sesame, casein and sugar. Casein is a milk protein which will improve the density of the mixture as well as will help in getting recovered from deficiency of protein in the patient’s body.
Thus, from the above discussion, we can conclude that Marasmus is caused by protein deficiency and can be treated with increasing the protein content in the diet.

So, option ‘A’ is the correct option.

Note: During fighting with Marasmus, a person or children may get encountered with many bacterial and viral infections, thus, treatment with antibiotics and other medication may also be given to the patient.