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Man is an example of……………..animal
(a) Herbivorous
(b) Carnivorous
(c) Autotrophic
(d) Omnivorous

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Hint It's an organism that will prey on both plant and animal sources. They supplement plants as their diet when meat supplies are low. Many animals have evolved to eat whatever is out there, be it plant or animal.

Complete answer
Man is an example of an omnivorous animal because Omni means all and vore means eater. An organism that will prey on the plant and also the meat of the animal, is named omnivorous.
Man ingests plants (products of the soil) likewise eats the meat of creatures like a goat, chicken, and so on. consequently, man is thought to be an Omnivorous creature.

Additional information
Although a species can be entirely omnivores, not all members of the species must be omnivores. Over the human species, while many are omnivorous even the same number are vegetarian and participate in no creature items. During this case, humans are physiologically omnivorous, therein it's possible for them to get nutrients from both sources. However, many of us are behaviorally herbivorous and choose to not eat animal products because they will derive all the nutrients they have without animal products. One hypothesis of human development recommends that our precursors were principally herbivorous, changing to become omnivores when instruments and fire supported inside the catch and edibility of creatures.

So the correct answer is ‘Omnivorous’.

Note: Humans have a good range of diets, from completely herbivorous to almost entirely carnivorous, but most humans eat some amount of both meat and plants.
Pigs are often used to study human digestion due to how similar their gut is to ours. Pigs can eat a good sort of plant and animal materials. Pigs are known to eat carcasses as scavengers but are rarely predators unless they're exhuming small insects.