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Man and Biosphere programme started in
a. 1971
b. 1976
c. 1986
d. 1996

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Man and Biosphere programme was started as a scientific program by UNESCO. This programme aims in establishing a scientific approach of improving the relationship of the man with its surrounding or the biosphere. It also takes care of the needs of the man for sustaining its livelihood.

Complete answer:
To start with let us first know why this program was launched.
UNESCO is one of the major organizations which works for issues like habitat loss or other global issues. So, it came up with an intergovernmental programme which would help in establishing the relationship between the people and their environment. In this program, the natural and social sciences were combined keeping in mind the human livelihoods and also ways to safeguard the natural ecosystem. This approach would help in developing the economy and also create a sustainable environment.

The MAB was launched in the year 1971. It is a unique platform which provides impetus on research and development, capacity building and networking to share information, knowledge and experiences in relation to biodiversity loss, climate change and sustainable development. It allows greater involvement and wise use of biological diversity.

Hence the correct answer is option (a).

Note: The biosphere reserves are the areas which consist of terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems. In these biosphere reserves, the conservation of the biodiversity is ensured along with its sustainable use. These reserves are nominated by the national government and are managed by the states where they are located.