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Malaria: Disease :: Spear: ?
A. Wound
B. Sword
C. Weapon
D. War

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: Malaria is a disease that affects life. The bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito is usually transmitted. Plasmodium parasites are found in infected mosquitoes. A spear is a polar weapon, generally of wood with a spike tip, consisting of a shaft.

Complete answer: A number of symptoms may occur from absent or very mild symptoms to serious illnesses and even death if the disease parasites are infected. Malaria may be graded as uncomplicated or extreme malaria (complicated). Malaria is in general a curable illness if it is immediately and properly diagnosed and treated.
The asexual erythrocytic or blood-stage parasites cause all the clinical symptoms associated with malaria. The parasite accumulates various known and unknown waste substances in the infected red blood cell, including a hemozoin pigment and other toxic factors. The infected cells lysis and release invasion merozoites, which dump into the bloodstream.
Spear, a sharply pinned pole knife, thrown or driven at an opponent or prey. It exists in a multitude of ways in cultures around the world. The spear was initially just a sharp stick, one of the first weapons created by man. Spears were mostly used as throwing weapons by primitive people. The spear was a thrusting tool as a military strategy was converted from individual autonomous action to the collective moves of mass soldiers. Among other variants, it took the shape of a pike, lance, and later the halberd axillae. Sumerian forces had already used the spear-carrying phalanx or massed line of closely-ranking men 3,000 BC. Second, the class the first belongs to. Malaria is an Anopheles-born disease, while spear is a weapon used for killing animals in the ancient period.
Hence, the correct answer is option C.

Note: Three wooden spears such as this, along with stone instruments and butchered remains of over 10 horses, were discovered in Schöningen, Germany. Today these spears are the world's oldest known wooden artifacts. Wooden spear, Schöningen, Germany, about 400,000 years old.