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What is the major cause of diminishing wildlife numbers?
A. Cannibalism
B. Habitat destruction
C. Falling of trees
D. The paucity of drinking water

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Diminishing wildlife numbers has many deleterious effects on the environment. It affects the ecological balance as well as the mutual existence of both plants and animals.

Complete answer: Habitat loss and fragmentation is the major cause of the decreasing number of wildlife population. The area where the maximum loss of habitat happening is in the tropical rainforests. These areas covered a major portion of the earth’s surface, but now they have diminished to an alarming proportion. They are being destroyed due to human invasion. These habitats getting degraded pose a threat to the survival of many species of plants as well as animals. These activities have led to the reduction of large habitats to very small fragments many animals and plants are affected, thus the population of it being declined.
Considering the other given options:
-Cannibalism is the method of consuming another individual as a means of food. It is one of the common methods of ecological interactions, thus it is not a major cause of decreasing wildlife numbers.
-Falling of trees at an excess rate can be a cause for diminishing wildlife numbers, but it is not the major cause of it.
-Paucity of the scarcity of drinking water can be a product of habitat destruction, thus it is not the major cause of the decline in the wildlife population.
Hence, the correct answer is option B.

Note: The conservation of various habitats such as forests can increase the oxygen supply to the environment. It reduces the greenhouse effect caused by the excessive rates of carbon dioxide. It helps in keeping the balance of the ecosystem.