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MABP stands for
A) Man and Biology Protection
B) Man and Biosphere Programme
C) Mammals and Biology Protection
D) Mammals and Biosphere Protection

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:MABP is an intergovernmental environmental programme, for establishing a scientific basis for improving the relationship between people and their environment.

Complete answer:
Let's look at the details of MABP.
Man and Biosphere Programme (MABP), was launched in 1971 by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation). MABP's work is related to the international development agenda - specially with Sustainable development goals and Post 2015 Development agenda. Challenges related to scientific, environmental, societal and development issues in diverse ecosystems are addressed by MABP. Factors such as social science, economics and natural Studies are combined for their activities. MABP is a platform for cooperation on research and development and networking, with sharing of information on different parts of the world.

Areas such as terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems comprise biosphere reserves. Biosphere reserves are mostly nominated by the respective national governments and they remain under the jurisdiction of states in which they are located. They have an international recognized status. Biosphere reserves have three interrelated zones. They are:

>The core area: Strictly protected areas which contribute to the conservation of species and genetic diversities present in them.
>The buffer zone: They surround and adjoin with the core area. Activities such as scientific studies, education and monitoring are allowed in this area.
>Transition area: These areas allow more human activities. Economic and human development are allowed in these areas which can be socioculturally and economically sustainable.

Now let's look through the options for a correct answer:
>Option B: Man and Biosphere Programme is the full form of MABP. Therefore, this is the correct option.
>Option A, C, D are the incorrect options.

Thus, the correct option is (B) Man and Biosphere Programme.
Note:The agenda of MABP is propagated by its main governing body, International Coordinating Council. Participating countries establish MAB national committees, which ensures maximum coordination in the international programme.