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Long neck of giraffe or camel is due to
A. More number of cervical vertebrae
B. More length of cervical vertebrae
C. Presence of pad between cervical vertebrae
D. Presence of extra bony plates

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Hint: Camels, on the other hand, evolved 40-50 million years ago. Giraffes are closely related to cows, antelope, and deer, all of which diverged about 25 million years ago. Originally, they were a lot smaller than their current counterparts.

Complete Answer:
- Early giraffes, with longer, antelope / deer-like horns and shorter heads, closely resembled those giraffe relatives who had yet to grow the long necks of their evolutionary descendants. Camels and their ancestors, such as llamas and alpacas, diverged relatively early on from the rest (pigs, ruminants, hippopotami, whales) of the Artiodactyla order.
- Giraffes also belong to the Artiodactyla order and are ruminants, such as deer, cows, horses, buffalo, etc. Fifty million years ago, the first ruminants evolved, at the same time as the oldest ancestors of camels.
- In total, camels and giraffes, in evolutionary terms, are relatively closely related. They're both artiodactyls, but about 50 million years ago, the respective ancestors of camels and giraffes genetically diverged.
- Giraffes have seven neck vertebrae, much as humans do. However, each one may be over 10 inches (25.4 centimetres ) long for giraffes.
- Although we may believe that the neck has evolved to serve the vegetation stretching role that is out-of-reach for most other species, there are many other theories that indicate adaptation cooperation.
- Maybe it is a "fitness" badge-those with the longest neck are more likely to carry the best genes. Or it may even be a useful instrument left as a by-product of the "neck" of the male that can be used when competing males battle for females.
- The camel and giraffe both have 7 cervical vertebrae in their body, like all other mammals. Their long neck is not due to more cervical vertebra lengths (about 10 inches long in giraffes) because of more cervical vertebra numbers.

The correct Answer is option (B) More length of cervical vertebrae.

Note: Just one species of giraffe exists, with nine subspecies known by their various patterns. Giraffa camelopardalis, their particular name, loosely means a camel marked like a leopard who walks swiftly. Like camels, giraffes have a (small) hump on their backs and, due to their succulent diet of Acacia leaves, can go without drinking water for long periods.