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List the steps for preparing Vermicompost.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Compost is an organic matter that when added to the soil, it helps in plant growth by providing nutrients and minerals to the plants. Compost can be made by the decomposition of waste organic material such as fruits peel by the process called composting.

Complete Answer:
Vermicompost is the product of the decomposition process done by the worms. It contains a mixture of decomposed organic matter such as vegetable or food wastes or agricultural waste, etc.
The process of producing vermicompost from the waste is called vermicomposting.
The rearing of worms for the purpose of vermicomposting is called Vermiculture.
Vermicompost contains water soluble nutrient and nutrient rich organic fertilizers.
 It is used in farming for enhancing the nutrient content of soil especially in organic farming.

Steps for preparing vermicomposting:
Following steps of vermicomposting are given below-
>Prepare a bin – Prepare the bin by drilling holes in the side, top and bottom of a bin for air circulation and drainage.
>Find a spot for the Compost Bin – The bin should be placed in a shady area to prevent the worms from getting too much heat and light.
>Shred paper for bedding – Shred the strips of newspaper for the bedding purpose for the worms. Spray the paper with water in order to keep it moist.
>Add the organic matter – Add the organic matter with a small amount of Earth and wait for around two weeks. The organic matter gets spoiled and microbes grow in that organic matter. These microbes are eaten by the worms.
>Add the worms – The worms were added.
>Feeding the worms – The worms then feed on the microbes present in the spoiled organic matter and then break down the waste material.
>Harvest the castings – After a few months the organic waste material gets converted into the nutrient rich castings of the worm that we can harvest and use as a fertilizer. And this casting is known as vermicompost.

Note:Eisenia fetida also called red worms are the best worms for the purpose of vermicomposting. Vermicompost is a natural fertilizer, it is free from any chemicals like urea. So it does not cause any harm to our environment and is eco-friendly.