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Legal framework order was issued in________
 A. January 2000
 B.April 2001
 C.August 2002
 D.December 2003

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:That month, the Supreme Court overruled Musharraf, deciding that the revisions would need to be sanctioned by Parliament in the way given in the unlamented 1973Constitution—the corrections would need to be endorsed by 66%of the two places of the bicameral body.

Complete answer:
After the October 2002 general races even though Musharraf's allies had a dominant part in Parliament, they didn't have the necessary 66% supermajority to confirm the Legal Framework Order.
 Parliament was viably gridlocked by shrill resistance from Musharraf's adversaries for longer than a year.
In December 2003, a group was convinced to decide in favor of a trade-off correction charge, the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan.

With this change, portions of the Legal Framework Order were joined into the Constitution.
The Legal Framework Order alludes to official pronouncements gave during military principle in Pakistan in 1970 and 2002 over the association of decisions: Legitimate Framework Order 1970, given by Gen.
Yahiya Khan to spread out the principles administering the Pakistani general appointment of 1970.
After passing this law, decisions were held to the public and state gatherings. Agents were chosen by individuals and practiced a few forces. System orders are utilized to follow all agreements.
When the Framework Order has been set up then all installments made against the agreement are applied against the Framework Order. This permits us to guarantee precision in following the status, everything being equal. It will likewise make setting up a compromise a lot simpler.
A 'structure understanding' is 'an arrangement between one or on the other hand all the more contracting specialists and at least one monetary administrator.

The motivation behind which is to set up the terms overseeing agreements to be granted during a given period, specifically to cost. Also, where fitting, the amount visualized. A structure, or programming system, is a stage for creating programming applications. It gives an establishment on which programming designers can assemble programs for a particular stage. A structure may likewise incorporate code libraries, a compiler, and different projects utilized in the product advancement measure.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note:The doctype is 'FO' (Framework Order). The GR or Service Entry for the PO is a bit much if there should be an occurrence of Blanket POs just as one needs also the record task class during formation of PO it very well may be 'U'- obscure and can be changed at the hour of IR. The Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution approved all the means taken by the military system since 12 October 1990. It additionally approved the Referendum held in April 2002, to acknowledge General Musharraf as leader of Pakistan. The Legal Framework Order 1970. (LFO) was a pronouncement given by then-President of Pakistan Gen. Agha Muhammad Yahiya Khan that set out the political standards and laws overseeing the1970. General political decision, which was the primary direct races throughout the entire existence of Pakistan.