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What do we learn from the story of Jadav Molai Peyang?

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: Jadav Molai Peyang was born in 1963 to a nomadic tribe in Assam. He was a forest worker for 16 years his age. He was one of the in-charges among the few that were part of the afforestation project started by the Forestry Department in 1979.

Complete answer: Born to a nomadic tribe of Assam in 1963, Jadav Molai Peyang served for forests since the age of sixteen. He was a keen observer and protector of the environment. Once, he saw numerous snakes lying dead in the Brahmaputra river that was flowing through the village in which he served for forests. To prevent this uncertain death of snakes he planted 20 bamboo plantlets. Then in 1979, the Social Forestry Department initiated the social afforestation program inspired by him. He was appointed as the in charge of this program among the few who joined. The project aimed at afforestation of about 200 hectares of land. Molai planted several trees and completed the project. This changed the barren area into a beautiful forest covering 1360 acres of land.
The jungle situated in Kokilamukh of Jorhat district in Assam is known as Moloi Jungle as it is the result of Moloi’s 30 years of hard work. Moloi was awarded Padmashree by the government of India for his contribution to the restoration of the environment.
This story inspires many people to come together and work for the environment which serves us with so many prestigious gifts. He shows that if determined, a single person can even establish a whole new forest.

Note: Today urbanization has taken over several acres of forests. It is important to restore the forest covers so that the Earthworks properly. Trees are major contributors to oxygen which is an essential gas for all living organisms. Thus, people should come together and plant as many trees as possible.