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Kangayam breed of cattle are originated from
A) Punjab
B) Coimbatore
C) Karnataka
D) Kathiawar

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:This breed of cattle derives its name from its habitat - Kangayam taluk of Erode district (earlier part of Coimbatore district). Late Pattogar of Palayakottai developed this breed.

Complete Answer:
Let us describe the Kangayam breed of the cattle-
1) There are various different types of cattle breeds. The breed of cattle Kangayam originated in the region of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The bullocks of this breed are very strong.
2) They are resistant to the conditions like drought. An average lactation milk yield of Kangayam cattle is 540 kg with an average milk fat of 3.9%.Possibly this mixture has given the breed its larger size in comparison with other cattle of the Mysore type. This breed, in its native area, is also known by other names of Kangana and Kongu though the name Kangayam is well-known.

Additional information: These cattle are bred in the southern and southeastern area of the Coimbatore district of Madras State in India.
1) It is observed that there are two varieties of Kangayam cattle, one small and the other large. The smaller variety is found to be more numerous in the Kangayam, Dharampuram, Udumalpet, Pollachi, Paddadam and Erode subdivisions, while the larger variety is found in the areas of Karur, Aravakurchi and Dindigul subdivisions.
2) The breed is found in its pure form in the herds of some large breeders, notably the Pattagar of Palayakottai, who is supposed to have one of the best herds of the breed in the country.

Hence, the correct answer is option B (Coimbatore).

Note: Kangeyam is a hardy breed suitable for agricultural operations and hauling. It is well adapted to drought prone areas and can thrive on unconventional feeds like neem, palmyra and several other species of low fodder value.