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____________ is prepared by the decomposition of animal excreta and plant waste.

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Hint:The decomposition could also be a process during which the organic matter of the dead and decaying matter may be animals or plants gets weakened by the natural action with the assistance of microorganisms present within the environment. The method of decomposition may be considered as a sort of aerobic respiration.

Complete answer:
Manure is an organic matter. It's mostly produced from the faeces of animals. it's used as a fertilizer in agriculture. The fertility of the soil is maintained by manure because it provides many nutrients and organic matter. Manure is rich in nitrogen which is useful as bacteria traps the nitrogen within the soil.

>When the dead plants and animals decay it results in the formation of manure, which is employed for the soil to extend production. it's a natural fertilizer that's non-toxic and cost-effective.

>The excreta of animals and humans is additionally used as manure. The manure of livestock is rich in potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

>Manure is obtained when the animal and plant waste are dumped by farmers in an open pit and leave it for days. The waste starts to decompose by the action of certain microorganisms, this process is named decomposition. Finally, the decomposed organic matter becomes Manure.

>Manure is often obtained from various sources like cattle dung from the biogas plant, agriculture wastes.

>Manure is a crucial natural fertiliser that increases the soil fertility and also adds humus content to the soil.

Manure Helps to wash the environment because the dead decaying Organism can cause bad smell within the environment. But when these are converted into the menu, that becomes a useful material within the process of fertilizers production and also within the process of agriculture .It acts because the renewable source, that's it is often generated again and again with very less cost.

So our required answer is Manure.

Note:There are differing types of manures available for farmers:
-Green manure: the quantity of organic matter gets increased by using manure.
-Compost manure: The structure of soil and water holding capacity improves
-Farmyard manure: It also improves the soil structure and its minerals supply thanks to the improved microbial activity.