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Inner lining of gut, stomach and liver is composed of ________.
A. Simple squamous epithelium
B. Simple columnar epithelium
C. Simple cuboidal epithelium
D. Compound epithelium

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Hint:-Epithelium is one of the types of animal tissue. They are the thin, protective layer of cells. Epithelial tissues are the outer surfaces of organs and blood vessels throughout the body as well as the inner cavities. The tissue in the alimentary canal and hollow structures. There are many types of epithelium. There are different functions based on the epithelium. Here, based on their composition it can be found and analyzed.

Complete Answer:- Epithelium is made of epithelial tissues by which those are classified based on the number of layers, functions and shapes. It is of three types. They are as follows:
- Squamous epithelium
- Columnar epithelium
- Cuboidal epithelium
This sort of tissue is called pseudostratified. These are some of the functions of epithelium. They are as follows:
- This protects the body from invasion.
- The respiratory tract protects the body by filtering out the dirt.
- They include protection against abrasion, chemical stress and invasion by pathogens.
Simple squamous epithelium is the single layer of the flat cells. These are formed by the one layer of squamous cells. These are very much common in absorption or transport of materials. These play a major role in the process of diffusion and osmosis. Simple columnar epithelium is the single layer of columnar cells. These are attached to the basement of the membranes. These are oval in shape. These are arranged in a row with nuclei near the basal end. Simple cuboidal epithelium is a single layer of the cuboidal cells. They have large and central nuclei. These are the proximal and convoluted tubules of nephrons. Compound epithelium is the lowest of the basement membrane.

So, from the above definitions it is clear that the correct answer is Option B.

Note:- The inner lining of the stomach is made of simple columnar epithelium. This is the type in which the columnar epithelial cells are arranged in a single layer. This performs many functions such as absorption and secretion. These long cells are specially adapted for the secretion. This is also structured to provide a barrier of Lumenal substances.