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How many independent countries are there in Africa?

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint:After Asia, the world's second largest and second most populous continent is Africa. Africa has the youngest generation among all continents. Africa is the least in terms of economy per capita. Mediterranean sea lies to the north, isthmus of suez and red sea lies to the northeast, Indian Ocean to southwest and Atlantic Ocean to the west. Madagascar and archipelagoes are also included in this continent.

Complete answer:
There are eight territories and two de facto independent states with limited or no recognition. By area Algeria is Africa's largest country by population Nigeria is the largest country. African Union headquarters are located in Addis Ababa.

Africa experiences a different climate area. It is the only continent that stretches from northern temperate to Southern temperate zones. The majority of the continent lies in the northern hemisphere but there is a portion of continent that also lies in the southern hemisphere. Africa is rich in biodiversity. Africa is heavily affected by a wide range of environmental issues such as deforestation and water scarcity.

The materials used vary from region to region. wood and stone were mostly used. Pretty smooth music was mostly played at gatherings and social locations in order to pass stories from one generation to another and to sing, dance and enjoy. The traditional music was passed down orally but was not in written form.There are fifty four fully recognized sovereign states or countries

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note:African art and architecture include historical paintings, sculpture, installations and other visual arts. masquerade, metalworks scripture architecture, fiber, art and dance are important art forms. Materials used were sticks, wood, mud, dirt and stone were used for a texture in Africa.