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In which way is science of heredity useful these days?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Heredity is the phenomenon of the transmission of characters from parents to the offspring. From the genotype and phenotype, different kinds of information can be obtained. The inheritance of characters in humans can be studied and it helps describe certain inborn errors in humans.

Complete answer:
• The phenomenon of heredity in these days is helpful in many ways-
• The science of heredity is used in pedigree analysis. The pedigree is a diagram to show the ancestral relationship and transmission of characters over several generations in the human family. Through this, there can be an improvement in the human race.
• It can be helpful in the prevention of genetically transmitted diseases like color blindness, hemophilia, etc.
• It can also be helpful in the development of new hybrids of animals and plants (resistant to insects, drought, and heat) by the process of cross-breeding.
• It will help in the identification of the genes that can cause defects during the birth of a child.
• With the help of heredity, new techniques can be developed in the field of agriculture and medicine.
• The method of DNA testing is already helping on various occasions.
• The process of gene mapping also offers great scope.

Note: The science of heredity helps in the prediction and control of the traits that are passed from parents to the child. Through the concept of heredity, agricultural produce can also be increased. There is the development of modified plants and animals. Medical treatments for various birth defects and diseases can also be developed.