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In which of the following fruits is the edible part is the aril?
A. Apple
B. Peach
C. Orange
D. Litchi

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: The ripened ovary forms the fruit while the ripened ovule is formed by seed. Edible part of the plant is fruit, tegmen and testa are the covering of seeds, which are formed from inner and outer integument. The other covering of seed is also found which is known as ariel. Which act as edible portions of some fruits.

Complete answer:
An aril is also known as arillus,. it is accessory seed covering which is outgrowth from a seed that covers the seed aril grows form the point of attachment of seed to ovary known as hilum of funiculus, aril creates fruit which is basically false fruit. Aril is the edible part in the litchi which appears as a fleshy gelly part that covers the seed. In some cases its liquid is an appearance example;- in pomegranate seeds are covered red colour juice which is an aril part of that fruit.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Additional information:
> Option A: In the case of apples, the fleshy edible part is developed from thalamus, it is a false or simple succulent fruit that is developed from an inferior compound ovary.

> Option B: Peach is stone fruit, which is juicy, soft and fleshy in appearance , its edible part is also mesocarp in origin just like orange.

> Option C: In the case of orange the pulpy juice part of the fruit, which is edible in nature, arises from the mesocarp, which is the edible portion of the fruit.

Note: A fruit is the edible portion of the plant, which carries seed inside in it, but in some cases seeds are not present in fruit, such fruit are called parthenocarpic fruit, which formed without the fertilization process. Fruit are mainly three type names as simple which arise from single pistil flower, aggregate fruit (polycarpellary apocarpous gynoecium) and composite fruit(develop from whole inflorescence.