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In the harvesting crop, the grain seed is separated from the chaff. This process is called as
 A) Threshing
B) Seeding
C) Ploughing
D) Weeding

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Hint:Harvesting is the act of eliminating a crop from where it was developing and moving it to a more secure area for preparing and processing, consumption, or storage. Some root crops and fruits can be left in the field or plantation and harvested as required, yet most harvests arrive at a time of greatest quality, that is, they ripen or mature and will deteriorate whenever left exposed to the elements.

Complete answer:
The main factor deciding the time to harvest is the development of the crop, different factors, for example, climate, availability of harvested equipment, packers, and storage, and transport are significant contemplations.

Threshing is the process of separating the chaff from the grains with the assistance of blowing air. In cereals, for example, rice, grain, oats, and wheat the seed is encircled by thin, dry, layered bracts, framing a dry husk around the grain. Whenever it is taken out it is called a chaff. It is either done by hand or finished with the assistance of a harvester.

The key factor during seeding is subject to the properties of both seed and the soil it is being planted in. The prior step related with cultivating is crop selection, which basically comprises of two strategies: sexual and asexual.

The process of loosening the soil for cultivation and development is called Ploughing. The basic role of ploughing is to turn over the upper layer of the soil, carrying new nutrients to the surface, while covering weeds and the remaining parts of past harvests and permitting them to separate.

In weeding the undesirable plants are grown in crop field are called as weeding. It is required on the grounds that unwanted plants harm the crops. Weeding includes removal of undesirable plants called weeds. It is done physically or by using weedicides.

Thus, the correct answer is option ‘A’, i.e.' Threshing'.
Note:The completion of harvesting marks the finish of the growing season, or the developing cycle for a specific crop, and the social significance of this function makes it the focus of occasional festivals, for example, gathering celebrations, found in numerous religions.