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In maize, hybrid vigour us exploited by-
A. Inducing mutation
B. Bombarding the protoplast with DNA
C. Crossing of two inbred parental lines
D. Harvesting seeds from the most productive plants.

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Hint: Maize, scientifically known as Zea mays, comes under the family Poaceae. It is considered to be cereal grain. It is an annual grass and plants like rice, sorghum, sugarcane come under this family.

Complete answer:
Hybrid vigour is defined as the cross between different varieties of higher plant species to get greater fertility and crop varieties which increases the quality of food production for commercial purposes.
Hybrids are found to be superior or of greater quality to their parents. Hybrid vigour is also known as heterosis. Heterosis occurs by an increase in height, growth rate, fertility, the yield of the hybrid.
So, hybrid vigour occurs due to the crossing of the two inbreed parental lines for a constant period of time.
-In inducing mutation, the method is used to alter the genetic traits and then selecting the improved progenies.
-Bombarding of the protoplast with DNA is generally used to introduce macromolecules to the plant cells.
-Harvesting seeds from the most productive plants is a method in which the productivity rate is more as the parents are from productive plants and this does not cause heterosis.
So, option C is the correct answer.

Note: The reasons for the occurrence of hybrid vigour or heterosis are when two parental lines with inbreed conditions lead to hybrid vigour or inbreed depression due to which the productivity decreases.