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In bacteria, the respiratory enzymes are located on
a. Plasmid
b. Episome
c. Mesosome
d. Nucleoid

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Hint: Cellular respiration occurs usually in the plasma membrane generating energy for the bacterial cells using either oxygen (aerobic respiration) or in absence of oxygen (anaerobic respiration).

Complete answer:
Mesosome has infoldings in the bacterial cell and is analogous to eukaryotic cell increases its surface area for respiration of the bacterial cell hence forms and plays an important role in energy source for the cells to work. Some invaginations of the cell walls are known as mesosomes. Mesosomes are present in premitive cells as bacteria. Bacterial cells are unicellular, and primitive cells. They do not possess many membrane bound organelles as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, chloroplast, and etc. Hence, processes, which are administered by such specialized organelles are carried over by cell membranes of bacteria. In bacteria the mesosomes are involved in respiration. Respiratory enzymes are located on mesosomes in bacteria.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Additional information:
Cellular respiration is an energy generating process that happens within the cell membrane of bacteria. Glucose is weakened into carbon dioxide and water using oxygen in aerobic respiration , and other molecules like nitrate in anaerobic respiration , meaning simply, without an oxygen cell wall or plasma lemma may be a living membrane that forms the boundary between a cell and its environment.

Note: Mesosome are of two types
• Septal mesosomes that extend from the plasma membrane towards the centre in the cell cytoplasm and are associated with nuclear material.
• Lateral mesosomes that are located at the periphery and need not be associated with nucleus.