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In an exhibition, a plastic car with an iron piece fixed inside it is made to run on a wooden table by sliding a strong magnet below it. The experiment failed when a steel table was used instead. Explain the reason.

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Hint: The steel bar to be attracted is rubbed with each magnet pole, putting the other pole away. Small pieces of steel can immediately be magnetized. It uses a short time to make a magnet. Steel parts of any shape can be magnetized smoothly. Steel has a higher carbon content, so there is more potential for pinning action.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The steel is magnetized and put on the iron core put inside the coil, and the direct current is transferred through the coil. The iron core now becomes a strong magnet, and thus the steel piece located on it also becomes an electromagnet by induction. The magnetized part of steel is then elevated after switching off the current.
The experiment disappointed when a steel table was utilized because steel is formed out of iron, a ferromagnetic metal, and can be pulled by magnets.
When the bottom magnet is connected to the steel table, the connected part of the furniture with the electromagnet becomes attracted, and a significantly less magnetic attraction joins the iron pieces already in the car through that magnetized steel furniture.
If an iron piece or steel is taken near either of the magnet poles, it is attracted. If a magnet's north pole is made near the south pole of another freely swung magnet, there is an attraction between them.
The steel bar to be magnetized is located over the two opposite pole terminals of a magnet, and the rubbing magnets are located together over the middle of the bar with a small wood piece in between.
The bar to be magnetized is turned with insulated copper wire, and then a powerful electric current from a battery is transferred through the wire for some time. The steel bar then fits highly magnetized.
If the bar is of light iron, the magnetism persists as long as the current resumes but almost wholly disappears as shortly as the current terminates. The magnet made by that arrangement is called an electromagnet and is generally utilized in laboratories.
This less magnetic attraction becomes inefficient to transfer the car on the Steel table, and the experiment fails.

Note:Galvanized steel has a shielding coating of zinc, which will not influence the magnetic characteristics of the steel, iron, or another metal type that it is defending. The zinc coating will not improve the magnetic properties of the steel, but as large as the underlying element is magnetic, the galvanized steel as a complete will has magnetic properties.

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